[Bug 124406] Re: Keyboard keys get stuck and repeat (Feisty, Gutsy)

Harvey Muller hlmuller at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 27 17:45:37 UTC 2009

The 'xset r off' behavior is interesting.  If I run, as previously

    $ xset r off

I get a hard 'Enter' key repeat that I do not know how to recover from
other than rebooting.

If I run instead:

    $ sleep 2 && xset r off

Then I do not get the 'Enter' key repeat.  But I do get key repeats
again as described in the dup bug I reported #213669.  But this is
resolvable by running:

    $ xset r on

I am currently not having problem with key repeats unless I run 'xset r
off'.  And I do not normally have a reason to do so.

Keyboard keys get stuck and repeat (Feisty, Gutsy)
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