[Bug 338083] Re: [Jaunty] MacBook 5.1 will not reboot (Restart).

Ricky Campbell cyberdork33 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 22 19:17:24 UTC 2009

Colin, I wouldn't expect to see anything interesting in your log since
it is working for you. It would be helpful for comparison to others

To get the log, you can try this:
do a reboot, and when your system reboots into the refit screen, turn it off (there is a menu item for shutdown here).
then put in a linux liveCD and boot from that.
mount your filesystem and make a copy of /mounted/path/var/log/messages
That should get you a log that is untouched after shutdown that you can attach here.

Then if someone else, who cannot reboot would try, then use the livecd
as above to get their log file, they can be compared.

[Jaunty] MacBook 5.1 will not reboot (Restart).
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