[Bug 131094] Re: Heavy Disk I/O harms desktop responsiveness

Milan nalimilan at club.fr
Mon Apr 20 19:32:36 UTC 2009

Thanks for these detailed informations. So you suggest that the IO
scheduler is not giving enough priority to tasks other than the file
copy; that's an interesting way of finding the cause of the problem,
indeed! I suggest you try the new kernel, and if it's not fixed, go to
the upstream report and explain them your case. You can find many
different scripts to test the system's responsiveness there, and you'll
notice that's really tricky (long thread...).

Now, another test would be interesting: copy the same file from the SATA
disk to itself, and see if there's any difference with what you've
already done (in terms of responsiveness, not speed, because it will be
different, obviously).

Heavy Disk I/O harms desktop responsiveness
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