[Bug 292086] Re: Fix zstar vimicro webcam (0ac8:303b)

Hebert hebert.bernardo at yahoo.com.br
Sun Apr 19 05:12:57 UTC 2009

"@Hebert, have you tried different camera programs? I, for example, test
through cheese and gstreamer-properties. It could be that the program
you're using happens to have problems with some other changes that were
made in Linux recently."

@Chris Carlin, It doesn't work at all. I even tried - today - aMSN and
the image is upside down and magenta.

Do you or anybody else here knows which programs in fact already make
use from the latest changes?

I'm using Jaunty with the very latest upgrades.

Thanks for reading!

Fix zstar vimicro webcam (0ac8:303b)
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