[Bug 337935] Re: [Jaunty] MacBook 5.1 touchpad not fully supported (Alpha 5 of Jaunty)

P. Dunbar drsilk at gmail.com
Sat Apr 4 16:40:21 UTC 2009

I don't seem to have a big sensitivity problem.  I am currenlty using the .fdi file I have on the wiki (not sure if its the same I uploaded here at this point).  
My big issue with the touchpad is the dragging as you mentioned as well.  In Mac OSX I primarily will drag with holding my thumb clicked down on the bottom and moving my finger above that for the drag.  I can continuously lift up my finger and put it down to keep the drag going.  I can't get anywhere close to this functionality and I've tried a lot.  
I also then tried to get coasting working, figuring if I can't drag that way at least if I hit the bottom of my touchpad while dragging and still want to drag more it would continue to drag.  Again, I tried setting these settings in the .fdi and they seemed to do nothing at all.  So i'm beginning to think that only some of the functionality you can use detailed withing 'man synaptics' is actually picked up or used by this current bcm5974.
Any ideas welcome.

[Jaunty] MacBook 5.1 touchpad not fully supported (Alpha 5 of Jaunty)
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