[Bug 321970] Re: linux-crashdump fails to record crash; reports memory not reserved

Nathaniel W. Turner nate at houseofnate.net
Fri Apr 3 19:02:17 UTC 2009

I'm seeing this too (also on intrepid; clean amd64 install in my cause,

If I modify my grub config and change "crashkernel=384M-
2G:64M at 16M,2G-:128M at 16M" to "crashkernel=64M at 16M", kexec no longer
errors out with "please reserve memory ...".

I'm not familiar with that more complex crashkernel=... syntax, but it
apparently does not work with Ubuntu's intrepid kernels.  (Maybe it
works for some people?)

However, now kexec errors out with "Command line overflow".  I think
Ubuntu kernels *do* support longer kernel command lines, and after
reading https://bugzilla.novell.com/show_bug.cgi?id=257968, I suspect
this problem is with Ubuntu's kexec assuming on its own that the command
line limit is 256 chars.  I realize this is a separate bug, but I
suspect anyone who gets past the original bug will hit this one.

** Bug watch added: Novell/SUSE Bugzilla #257968

linux-crashdump fails to record crash; reports memory not reserved
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