[Bug 210725] Re: Please include RaLink RT2860 driver

Adam McDaniel adam at array.org
Mon Sep 8 19:07:49 UTC 2008

There is a known issue where rt2860 does not support both WEP and WPA in
a single compiled module. (There is a config option to enable one or the
other, but not both, for some dumb reason.)

Asus has released a patch to one blogger who complained about this, but
AFAIK it's not on any Xandros repositories yet. See:

I had a look at Eric's repository that you just posted, Giovanni. This WEP/WPA patch is not yet included.
I can post a comment to let him know about it.

(The Asus patch provides the config option EEEPC_SPECIAL_SETTING. Not a
very intuitive name :)

Please include RaLink RT2860 driver
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