[Bug 34551] Re: scanimage not accessing epson perfection 2450

Jack Bowling jbinpg at shaw.ca
Sat Sep 6 01:59:19 UTC 2008

Hi, Leann. Well, just did my first reccy with the latest Alpha 5 build
of Intrepid. Glad to report that the problem with the Epson 2450 scanner
has completely disappeared. In fact, it runs like a scalded cat on my
USB 2.0 bus. So it looks like it was a kernel bug all along. Who'd a
thunk it?? LOL!!

But now I have to open a new bug. You see, the scanner no longer works
with firewire. In fact, it is not even seen as an enumerated device on
the fireware hub. The firewire hub is seen but the kernel sees nothing
attached to it. Instead XSane sees the Hauppage HVR chip as the only
device worth talking to. Just for kicks I tried to scan a preview
through the Hauppage which resulted in a nice crash.

Score: USB 2.0 - Home Run
           Firewire - Strike Out

Jack (originator of #34551)

scanimage not accessing epson perfection 2450 
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