[Bug 282473] Re: cheese doesn't work with my webcam (Philips PCVC740K ToUcam Pro)

Filippo Argiolas filippo.argiolas at gmail.com
Mon Oct 20 19:31:47 UTC 2008

I don't think the point here is if it works good with gstreamer+v4lsrc.

As Baptiste said in the upstream bug report the webcam works with right
colors using v4lsrc (v4l1) from gstreamer properties but it's tinted
green using it as a v4l2 device. So the bug is the v4l2 green tint,
forcing it to use v4l would workaround the issue but wouldn't solve it.

Anyway cheese uses hal to detect v4l devices (looking for the ones
exposing video4linux capability), then it does a VIDIOC_QUERYCAP ioctl
to find if the device is a v4l2 one, if it fails it does another ioctl
(VIDIOCGCAP) to find if it supports v4l1. So if the device supports both
(not sure how libv4l works) v4l2 is always preferred and there is no way
to force v4l1 at the moment.

cheese doesn't work with my webcam (Philips PCVC740K ToUcam Pro)
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