[Bug 187671] Re: sdhci module hangs Everex StepNote 2053T

wcwashington wendellcwashington at hotmail.com
Sun Oct 19 02:06:12 UTC 2008

is there a version of linux that runs smoothly on the everex stepnote i
mean a full GUI interface etc.... I mean i would love to try this but i
just want to get it up and running i mean im learning a lot trying to
install ubuntu ... ill give your method for the sake of knowledge but
seems like a big hassle i was ready and pumped to learn linux...

if i used your method do i have to lose win xp in the process?

I am also having a problem resizing the ntfs partiton... i appreciate
the response to this thread its the best  ive seen so far!!    there is
a girl/boy named dansee on the everex forum who suggessted i try a few
things she seems pretty knowledgeable on the subject here is the thread


thanks im trying to get ubuntu up n running im doing a little bit
everday by reading these threads yours may be the most helpful but im
still a novice to even playing with linux i just learned about no splash
like a few days ago

sdhci module hangs Everex StepNote 2053T
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