[Bug 42600] Re: Microphone does not work on Dell Inspiron 630m

Eggzilla arampantsmurf at yahoo.com
Sun May 25 12:45:56 UTC 2008

I was fighting with this as well for a while, and as I just got things
to work out, I figured that I'd post what I did.  Pardon the lack of
technicality herein, as I know almost nothing about the specifics of

I'm running Hardy, 8.04.  I was having trouble getting sensitivity on my
mic for Skype.  I'm using a Acer Aspire 5570-2758 (or so says the
sticker), and the cheapest Logitec headset I could find.  After
struggling through a lot of things, I downloaded the ALSA mixer and
fidgeted with that for a while, but it produced almost no results (sound
was still very, very quiet, with an electronic background).  I
uninstalled it, as it was not fixing my issues.

I returned to the basic Volume Control and took a look at the bug
reference in https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/66714.

I opened volume options and have these tabs checked under Edit ->
Preferences:  Master, Headphone, PCM, Front, Line-In, Microphone, Mic
Boost, Capture, Capture 1, and both Input Sources.  That being said,
everything under the "Playback" tab is at max.  Under the "Recording"
tab, "Capture" is all the way down, but nothing is officially muted (no
X's over anything); "Capture 1" is at max, again no X's.  Under the
"Options" tab, both Input Sources are listed as Front Mic.  Everything
works perfectly at this point.

I'm sorry if this is not the technical jargon people are accustomed to
here, but I hope it's explained well enough.  Thanks for the help.

Microphone does not work on Dell Inspiron 630m
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