[Bug 207127] Re: fn key doesn't work in hardy with macbook pro fourth generation (4, 1)

Alex Karpenko alexkarpenko at hotmail.com
Sun May 18 00:46:09 UTC 2008

Ok I've figured it out. Working from the discussion here: http://www
.mail-archive.com/linux-input at atrey.karlin.mff.cuni.cz/msg01343.html

We need to add 3 new device IDs for the new generation macbooks (the id varies depending on whether the keyboard is ansi, iso, or jis) for the apple vendor ID, which is: "#define USB_VENDOR_ID_APPLE 0x05ac".
I propose to add the following to hid-quirks.c

#define USB_DEVICE_ID_APPLE_GEYSER5_ANSI	0x0230    /* i'm guessing this is correct, i need you to confirm this */

Corresponding entries will have to be made inside hid_blacklist[] in the
same file (just a copy&paste of the GEYSER4 entries). This way older
Macbook models will not be affected, and the new ones will work for all
those device IDs.

*** What I need from you: execute "lsusb -v" at the shell. And report the output for the block that contains:
   Bus 005 Device 003: ID 05ac:0230 Apple Computer, Inc.
      bInterfaceProtocol      1 Keyboard

Note your ID might not be 05ac:0230. I've attached the block for mine for reference.  The important line here is the device ID, and country code. For me it is:
        bCountryCode           33 US

I'm guessing Scott's line will read:
       bCountryCode           13 International (ISO)

or something similar. Once I've confirmed the device IDs with your help,
I'll try to make a patch and submit it. We should also probably submit
it upstream as this is not exclusive to Ubuntu.

** Attachment added: ""lsusb -v" output for Keyboard section"

fn key doesn't work in hardy with macbook pro fourth generation (4,1)
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