[Bug 12637] Re: LCD Brightness on Laptop Always Set Very Low at Boot

Bertilo bertilow at gmail.com
Wed May 7 04:11:58 UTC 2008

I use Kubuntu 8.04 on a Lenovo 3000 C200 laptop. I did a fresh install
of Hardy.

I get this dimming on every boot, at exactly the same point - somewhere
around when the hardware drives are being loaded. When the desktop is
fully loaded the brightness comes back automatically. But the login
screen is quite dark.

The same thing happens at shutdown, and the reduced brightness then
remains at the beginning of the next boot. I can however get the
brightness up with the brightness keys, but only if I do it quickly at
the very start. But the dimming then occurs again when the harware
drivers are being loaded.

The brightness buttons on my laptop work at the start of the boot
process, but then stop working as soon as the brightness drops. When the
brightness automatically comes back (when the desktop is loaded), they
start working again.

The same dimming also occurs every time I start VLC. It also happens
when I switch off "Enable power saving" in KDE Control Center.
(Reenebling the power saving however does not resurrect the brightness.)

I can always get the brightness back to normal if click on the Power
Manager applet, and then change the brightness setting there. The
brightness control there is set to maximum, although the actual
brightness is very low. Changing the setting to something else (doesn't
matter what) gets things back to normal (I usually take it down a notch,
and then back up to maximum).

I can also - sometimes - get things back to normal if I touch anything
in Monitor & Display -> Size, orientation & Positioning (in the Control
Center), but that part of the Control Center behaves strangely and

Those solutions are of course just temporary. All I need to do to dim
the screen, is to start VLC, or reboot.

Nothing like this happend in Gutsy, neither in Ubuntu nor in Kubuntu. I
haven't seen it on any other version either. It started with one of the
beta or RC versions of the Live CD, and it remains in the final release.
It's very annoying.

LCD Brightness on Laptop Always Set Very Low at Boot
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