[Bug 206878] Re: Console text boot instead of usplash

Mahesh Asolkar mahesh+launchpad at mahesha.com
Thu May 1 23:55:50 UTC 2008

*** This bug is a duplicate of bug 205990 ***

I recently moved my /home to a different partition. This also involved
re-structuring the disk with Gparted, and it also resulted in UUID of my
swap changing. I had lost the usplash as well. I followed the following
steps outlined at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/205990 to
recover the usplash:

1. Make sure you have the initramfs-tools update
2. sudo blkid
3. Check that swap line UUID from /etc/fstab matches swap UUID from step 2, if not change fstab.
4. Check that the UUID in /etc/initramfs-tools/conf.d/resume matches the swap UUID from step 2, if not change resume file.
5. sudo update-initramfs -u
6. Restart

I've come to learn that every time you do restructure the disk
(make/remove partitions, install XP etc.), UUID of the swap partition
changes, that messes up usplash. For me, the above steps have always
restored usplash.

Shouldn't there be something in the system that recognizes this mismatch
in swap UUIDs in the resume file, the fstab file and try to restore it?

Console text boot instead of usplash
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