[Bug 61235] Re: USB mass storage stops working after a while

Jacob Jarick mem.namefix at gmail.com
Thu May 1 13:45:51 UTC 2008

Well after alot of searching via google I came across this thread, not
much in the way of answers but enough research done to dismiss the
"faulty caddy/usb controller/ hardware" excuse. Seems its just an issue
with ubuntu's current kernel. 2.6.25 does not have the issue. I have
created the needed deb's for people who do not like compiling their own
kernel (hosted via rapidshare due to size). A side note for people who
do upgrade to the latest kernel beware that the nvidia drivers currently
do not work without patching them, check the link below on howto patch
the driver yourself or just download the 1 I have uploaded to

I will post the links to the files once the upload has finished
(hopefully tonight but I do only have 25kb upstream).

To install the new kernel simply do the following commands:
tar xjvf linux-headers-2.6.25-custom.tar.bz2
dpkg -i linux*2.6.25-custom*.deb

To compile the kernel yourself download the latest from http://www.kernel.org and then follow this very nice ubuntu howto:

If you happen to have a nvidia card like I mentioned before and wish to manually patch the driver yourself read this forum thread:

Note: I misnamed the archive when creating it it was ment to be linux-2.6.25-custom.tar.bz2 not linux-headers-2.6.25-custom.tar.bz2, but I assure you it has the debs you want.

Quick plug for my own program (cool batch file renamer): 

Any questions drop me a line - mem.namefix at gmail.com

USB mass storage stops working after a while
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