[Bug 189185] Re: Thinkpad X61 hangs when removing from dock

nopoles paul at 2byteconsulting.com
Wed Jun 25 00:09:06 UTC 2008

I have the same problem with my X61 tablet (7767A4U) and my UltraBase.
If I boot the laptop while docked, it will freeze when I undock. If I
boot the laptop while undocked, I can dock and undock but never have
access to the DVD drive.

The dock/undock scripts from ThinkWiki resolved most of my issues. The
scripts from the section "Scripts for hotswapping" of
http://www.thinkwiki.org/wiki/How_to_hotswap_UltraBay_devices will
successfully dock & undock the laptop and the DVD drive works while
docked. However I have to run the scripts manually.

ACPI is not reporting any events from the docking station. The module
"thinkpad_acpi" is loaded, and using acpi_listen I can monitor all the
other acpi signals. However the undock button on the UltraBase is never
captured, neither is the dock event. The documentation for the
thinkpad_acpi module in the kernel source (Documentation/thinkpad-
acpi.txt) says that for the ibm/bay acpi events to get caught the laptop
must be booted while docked. The docs also indicate that the option
CONFIG_THINKPAD_ACPI_BAY must be enabled, which it is if I look at

This final step seems to be an ACPI problem.  I did not see a bug
reported for this issue. Should I file a new bug for this?

Thinkpad X61 hangs when removing from dock
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