[Bug 185470] Re: iwl3945 not functioning : microcode error

Sten During yappo at netg.se
Tue Jun 24 14:04:26 UTC 2008

LG TX Express Dual.
Intel 3945 ABG
Kubuntu 8.04

Backport modules installed in an attempt to fix this bug. Even
tried the /etc/modules stunt
At least the backport modules gave me my led-light back

The errors above.
As soon as I open up multiple connections (twelve tabs in my
Firefox on start) the connection shuts down as reported above.
This ONLY happens in WEP. Uncrypted connections are stable.

Led-light blacks, but restarting the wireless connection (right
click the network manager) usually gets me my connection
back for another five to ten minutes.

Installing updates with Adept-manager becomes a first class
nightmare, as multiple updates on average take me at least
half an hour due to repeated connection-losses.

I'm not insane enough to even contemplate torrents while
this bug lasts.

I have had not a whisper of a problem under 7.10 and iwp.
This is not a medium problem, this is the kind of problem
that makes laptop-owners change back to Windows from an
otherwise close to flawless Linux-installation. Thankfully it's
summer and I'm not dependent on the computer for work.
That WOULD force me to dig up my old XP-CDs.

iwl3945 not functioning : microcode error
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