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Mon Jun 23 23:13:51 UTC 2008

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Hello there,

Ubuntu (and it's partner projects) made great advances for the Linux desktop, but there is one area that is somewhat lacking still - the infamous area of 'personal security' meaning real-time virus scanners and personal firewalls.
While today the general opinion is that Linux' security is superior by design when compared with more wide spread commercial operating systems, more and more people consider this to be partly a result of Linux comparatively low market share.

Since I honestly believe that Ubuntu is one of the projects that will
change the marketplace in the near future I think this issue should be
thought of before it becomes a real issue (in form of actual viri that
may affect Ubuntu user's systems).

Today there are some good virus scanners available for Linux. I'm mainly
thinking of the ClamAV [1] backend, that is beeing used by several GUI
frontends such as Aegis2 [2] for GNOME/GTK or KlamAV [3] for KDE, and
Avira's AntiVir [4].

Generally the mere availability of such free tools could be a satisfying
situation, but those virus scanners share one problem; For the real-time
scan feature they need to know what files are beeing accessed at a given
time. All those solutions use the Dazuko [5] kernel module, which is not
part of the default kernel, to get that information. While I'm not a
specialist on this issue at all I think that there is no high-
performance way of having real-time scanning without the dazuko module.
Actually without the dazuko module none of those scanners work as on-
access / real-time scanners. Only user-invoked manual system scans are
possible - something most users do far too irregulalry.

Today the only possibility to make these scanners work for a user is to
compile the dazuko module, as available in the dazuko-source package for
example, themselves. This is far from ideal. You could argue that most
users who need or want such kind of protection would typically not be
able to deal with compiling kernel modules, making this solution rather

To solve this I'd suggest to consider making available packages of pre-
compiled dazuko modules with each Ubuntu kernel release.

Anyway the point of this bug report is to boost awareness about this situation with Ubuntu developers. The goal (easily available security solutions for users) could be reached via the aforementioned dazuko packages or with another real time scanning solution that I just might not be aware of.

[1] http://www.clamav.net
[2] http://jodrell.net/projects/aegis2
[3] http://www.klamav.net
[4] http://www.free-av.com/
[5] http://www.dazuko.org

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     Importance: Undecided
         Status: New

Pre-Compiled Dazuko Modules for Ubuntu Kernels
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