[Bug 43932] Re: Suspend does not work in Sony Vaio (FS810 /W)

Sebastian Gaul sebastian at mgvmedia.com
Mon Jun 23 16:44:39 UTC 2008


I have no idea if my vaio fe-48e is the same, but suspend doesn't work
in any way under gutsy and hardy using gnome desktop. Sometimes the
first suspend works and it comes out again, but trying again leads to a
black screen freeze with running fans etc.

Some days ago I tried Archlinux with KDE and was wondering that suspend
to RAM works very fine without any problems. Of course I tried Gnome
with Archlinux, but there the problem is the same like on ubuntu. So it
looks like there's a problem with Gnome and my laptop.

Does this help to find a solution for my suspend problem?

Suspend does not work in Sony Vaio (FS810 /W)
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