[Bug 53746] Re: Firewire connection not being correctly mounted in 6.06

Stefan Richter stefan-r-ubz at s5r6.in-berlin.de
Fri Jun 13 19:27:20 UTC 2008

The OXFW911+ is quite a good chip.  It is responsible for the FireWire
interface.  The Cypress chip is for the USB2 side.  Both are AFAIK fully
independent of each other.

During the past few years I heard of only a single report of an 911 or
911+ with bad firmware, which is negligible compared to other chip

The transfer speeds could be realistic if observed with filesystem
overhead.  Especially some filesystems which are not native to Linux are
slower.  Also, filesystems which are very much utilized (90% full or so,
depending on the filesystem and usage patterns) may get noticeably

"hdparm -tT" would show raw read speed without filesystem influence.
(Execute three times to get reliable numbers.)  3.5" FireWire 400 disks,
when used through Linux' ieee1394 driver stack, should get somewhat more
than 20 MB/s when measured this way.  There are also new Linux FireWire
drivers in the works which go above 35 MB/s with FireWire 400 disks, but
these drivers are not yet mature and hence not yet enabled in most

Firewire connection not being correctly mounted in 6.06
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