[Bug 213053] Re: Totem is 'uninterruptible'

Jeremy jeremy at kerneltrap.org
Fri Jun 13 17:53:45 UTC 2008

I've noticed this happen twice now, on Ubuntu 8.04, where Totem gets
into an unkillable state after I try to exit it at the end of a movie.
The first time I left the system running for days, but totem never
exited, just runs and runs burning CPU.  Running "kill -9" as root on
the process does nothing.  I had not seen this before installing the
64-bit version of 8.04, though I can't confirm that this is related.

$ uname -a
Linux server 2.6.24-18-generic #1 SMP Wed May 28 19:28:38 UTC 2008 x86_64 GNU/Linux

I attempted to 'strace' the process, but that didn't provide any useful

$ ps -ef | grep totem
username 17864     1 60 10:02 ?        02:18:51 totem file:///home/username/movie.avi
$ strace -vp 17864
Process 17864 attached - interrupt to quit

I waited 5 minutes, but nothing.  Seems odd, as the process is clearly
eating up 100% of the CPU on one of my cores.  I wasn't able to ctrl-c
out of strace, I had to ctrl-z then "kill -9".  "kill -15" did not kill
the strace.

This errant totem process does not happen every time I watch a movie
with totem, but it has happened twice in the past week, with different
movies.  To duplicate, I'd try running and stopping totem a few dozen
times.  The only way to end this process that I've found so far is a

>From reading above, it sounds like this is unrelated to totem, but to be

$ totem --version
GNOME totem 2.22.1

Totem is 'uninterruptible'
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