[Bug 32123] Re: initramfs not generated correctly on dist-upgrade

Tormod Volden bugpost.tormod at gmail.com
Tue Jun 10 21:35:37 UTC 2008

This bug is, as the title "initramfs not generated correctly on dist-
upgrade" says, about a broken initramfs when upgrading from a release to
another, which is resolved by regenerating the initramfs. Please
understand that if a live CD does not boot, it is off-topic and just
adds confusion to this bug report. We have to deal with only one issue
per report, also because once the issue here is solved, the bug will be
closed and all your comments on other issues will be forgotten. Sorry if
this sounds harsh, but the last 8 comments (9 including this) are off-
topic and can only lead to more people posting me-too's on the wrong
issues. And please don't apologize here or comment further, just file a
new bug. For discussions, please use the forums. Thanks for your
comprehension and your continued bug reporting.

initramfs not generated correctly on dist-upgrade
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