[Bug 32123] Re: initramfs not generated correctly on dist-upgrade

Bob Gotthardt linux at gotthardt.net
Tue Jun 10 21:17:50 UTC 2008

Yes, research shows this appears to be a chronic Dual CPU problem with
Linux mis-handling initiation for various devices [media card readers,
HDMA speed, DVD/hard disk controls, NICs]. Doubt BIOS has any effect.

I too had no trouble back in May with the 'live-cd' and eventually
configured my 160G disk and installed 8.04, as described above (may 11).
Since then it is hit or miss startup w/o a recovery boot. As suggested
here, I searched Linux kernel issues and only 'live-cd' problem found
[Bug 223656] was Intel Duo dealing with a NIC. I added comment to that.
Bug 223656 seems to be handled by a Dell Kernel team. Maybe if you add a
comment there too, we will hear something about this.

Ironically, I bought this new Dell specifically with XP to avoid Vista and setup dual boot Linux [AMD64]. 
Ubuntu [i386] runs fine on four other HPs and one Toshiba laptop.

initramfs not generated correctly on dist-upgrade
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