[Bug 32123] Re: initramfs not generated correctly on dist-upgrade

plovell plovell at mac.com
Tue Jun 10 20:26:37 UTC 2008

I'm having the same issue with a Vostro 200. Weird thing is that it
worked fine for a while (couple of weeks, occasional use) but now is
completely hosed.

LiveCD won't boot (disk has fresh install of Vista - it's 160GB).

Alternate installer CD installs fine (to a different disk, complete
erase-and-install) but then the boot fails in the same way.

But this *used* to work on this exact box. The disk I mention just above
is the one that the original installation was on to!

This machine has no floppy, and I've disabled it in the BIOS. Is there
anything else in BIOS that might be causing this?

initramfs not generated correctly on dist-upgrade
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