[Bug 32123] Re: initramfs not generated correctly on dist-upgrade

Bob Gotthardt linux at gotthardt.net
Mon Jun 9 14:09:54 UTC 2008

Yea, live CD does not boot (80/20 rule)!  I do have the installed system
working by booting recovery [check /etc/fstab and mtab].

Problem occurs on newer combined DVD/Hard drive "SATA controls" that
can't determine what HDMA? speed [most times]. [not sure about technical
details but this is the condition]

Reported elsewhere [dogpile search] to only happen on dual CPU
processors (AKA Intel 2180). I suspect error occurs when different CPU
handles 'setup' requests separately. initramfs 'looping' persists as
speed is never negotiated [133, then 66, finally 33]. Slowing down the
DVD drive on bootup (audio CD in drive) helps. Go figure.

Looks like there is an 'initramfs' update out there today, I'll put it

Does anyone have a handle on this? How can I help resolve? Is there some
maintenance group I can communicate with?

initramfs not generated correctly on dist-upgrade
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