[Bug 195982] Re: Shift key (and caps lock) stop working when using VMWare

floid jkanowitz at snet.net
Sun Jun 8 14:28:23 UTC 2008

Never noticed this before, but by holding a modifier, it can also be
reproduced with a fresh install of VMWare Player 2.0.4 build-93057
(modules built against 8-Jun-2008's current 2.6.24-18 kernel, all

As annoying, but thankfully less fatal, is a related bug where keyboard
LED state desynchronizes (Num/Scroll/Caps-Lock).  That seems "sort of
fixed" to the extent that vmplayer now doesn't toggle the LEDs at all,
and state is appropriately preserved when switching focus out of the VM.
Unfortunately the vmplayer is an "unsupported" product, so it's
difficult to flag down someone at VMWare to tell them there's an issue.

Shift key (and caps lock) stop working when using VMWare
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