[Bug 235470] Re: [Hardy] system freeze when downloading torrents

Messelink messelink at hispeed.ch
Mon Jun 2 09:54:13 UTC 2008

Switching the cables and using the onboard ethernet for the local
network and the PCI NIC card for the external connection did not resolve
the problem. After a while (usually within two hours) the computer
responds very sluggish, if at all. All the instances of transmissioncli
are in D state and the load average is in the 40ies, even though the CPU
is almost completely idle and the RAM is not completely used and the
swap almost completely unused. I've also tried to put all instances of
transmissioncli at nice 19, with the same results. Waiting longer means
that the system becomes completely unresponsive, it's like a black hole.

Two debugging test I have left is to limit the number of connection per
torrent and running the torrents on a computer on the internal network
to see if the same happens.

[Hardy] system freeze when downloading torrents
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