[Bug 16247] Re: ndiswrapper hangs on boot if running on battery

oliv1207 Olivier.Dalle at gmail.com
Mon Jan 14 00:39:12 UTC 2008

Try recompiling your kernel with the CONFIG_4KSTACKS flag off.

It is recommended somewhere in the ndiswrapper documentaton and it actually fixed a similar bug I had with
a usbwifi key (TEW-424UB with RTL8187B chipset, wifi-radar freeze on DHCPDISCOVER).

The funny part is I also have this well known "wifi-freeze-on-battery" bug on my D600 (hence my post here) 
but when I try to run the same modified kernel without  CONFIG_4KSTACKS on my D600, ndiswrapper fails 
(silently) to activate my wlan0 interface even when running on wired power. Still investigating, anyone 
successful please post foillowup here. (my last unsuccessful try was with FC6, kernel 2.6.22, ndiswrapper 
1.51, bcmwl5 drivers provided by Dell in R81435 and SP3308).


ndiswrapper hangs on boot if running on battery
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