[Bug 34551] Re: scanimage not accessing epson perfection 2450

Jack Bowling jbinpg at shaw.ca
Fri Jan 11 23:39:46 UTC 2008

On Fri, Jan 11, 2008 at 09:32:17PM +0000, David Fletcher wrote:
> My pleasure!
> You might like to know that I recently built a new PC using an Asus
> M2N-E SLI board and an Athlon dual core energy efficient processor with
> OCZ heatsink and an Antec case with Earthwatts power supply. The board
> has a firewire socket, and the Epson 2450 scanner "just works" with
> Kubuntu Gutsy and firewire on this board. And this new machine runs cold
> - unlike the P4 that's more like an expensive fan heater.
> Actually, there was a better solution than chmod every time when using
> Feisty. I found out how to write a udev rule which I called
> 10-dave.rules:-
> ATTRS{model}=="GT-9700", ATTRS{vendor}=="EPSON",        GROUP="scanner"
> and saved into /etc/udev/ I was told that the problem was that somebody had got rule wrong by entering epson or Epson instead of EPSON, which meant that this machine was not recognised, therefore it was not assigned to the scanner group therefore nobody could access it.
> I also heard that somebody in Red Hat was working on a USB solution for this scanner, and had it working, but because I've got nothing else that needs a firewire socket, I'll just keep this system as it is. I have an issue with the sound system on this motherboard but my scanner works.

Just tried adding the above stanza into /etc/udev/10-jb.rules. Made no
difference. I really think it is something to do with the USB
implementation of the 2450 itself. Some units just may have a borked USB
port. Didn't even know the scanner had a firewire port :) I'll try that and
see what happens.

Ubuntu 7.10

scanimage not accessing epson perfection 2450 
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