[Bug 59695] Re: High frequency of load/unload cycles on some hard disks may shorten lifetime

xzirrow xzirrow at gmail.com
Thu Feb 28 22:20:49 UTC 2008

hi all ! I little bit frustrated with discussion in this thread , cause many poeple talking about different hdparm -B params and the ways to insert it .
IMHO ,of cause it's depends of such params , but I think this problem is much deeper . I can say i've expirenced may be hundered of this . And always there
HDD reacts in different way . I can share that even how your /etc/fstab look like can impact on HDD count and temp . First off all i've purged acpid and acpi-support and started to control this manually ?to see what i really need .But everything i've got - it seems that HDD delepends from soft i used . For example Thunderbird stopped the count ticking in some cases.deluge also. But without acpi it still ticking, i've reinstalled acpid and dpkg --configure acpid . And it WORKs ! For some weeks , it was no ticking and no hdd overheating . After that i've repartitioned mу HDD and changed fstab . And it started again . ok , and i've done the same trick . But afterthat it won't work.I was dissapointed .
Some days ago, i've installed wine , wich in procces of installation --reconfured acpid again (it was some log about it) . After that HDD strated to overheat and ticking both :( terrible !  Now i've purged acpid and acpi-support again . And now it works . Normal ticking - several in hour . and temp 41-43 C in normal and compete overheat like 49 C in heavy applications like vmware.

Is in't that strange ? If somebody is interested i can tell everything
what i've met , may be it will can somehow .

High frequency of load/unload cycles on some hard disks may shorten lifetime
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