[Bug 192207] [NEW] unounted ata drive skeeps spinning up and down constantly after recent Feb updates

b ben at ekran.org
Mon Feb 25 22:27:09 UTC 2008

This bug can be closed.

The reason for the seemingly random spin ups was I still had a swap
partition active on that drive!

All solved now.

b wrote:
> Public bug reported:
> Binary package hint: linux-image
> Hello,
> I'm running an up to date (as of today) gutsy with linux-
> image-2.6.22-14-generic 2.6.22-14.52
> The last two updates, I believe all in Feb, have resulted in a new
> behaviour in my system.
> I have two ATA drives in this desktop machine, one 20GB that used to be
> root, and one 200GB that has replaced it. I've moved root onto the new
> drive and have left the old drive in the machine as a backup system in
> case the new drive goes.
> So the drive is physically in the machine and powered, but is not in
> fstab and is never mounted.
> It used to spin up on reboot and then eventually go to sleep and turn
> off.
> Now with these updates after it has been off for 1min, it spins back up
> again. So its constantly spinning up and down, whereas before it would
> spin up once, spin down and stay spun down.
> I can test the behaviour by running this command to spin down the drive:
> sudo hdparm -y /dev/hdb
> One minute after running this command the drive spins back up, I can't
> find anything in the logs that explain any attempt to automount or
> anything else that would spin up the drive.
> Should I just remove the power from the drive to save its life?
> The 20GB drive is also damn loud and I would really like it to shut up.
> I'm just doing this for now to save the drive:  while(true) do sudo
> hdparm -y /dev/hdb; sleep 60; done
> I'm issuing this as a bug, rather than in the forums, because its new
> behaviour in the recent updates, and I can't see it as being
> intentional.
> Thanks,
> .b.
> ** Affects: linux-meta (Ubuntu)
>      Importance: Undecided
>          Status: New

unounted ata drive skeeps spinning up and down constantly after recent Feb updates
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