[Bug 39315] Re: Keyboard random repeat and dropped key presses

Guy Gong guygong at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 25 22:23:33 UTC 2008

I too have a problem with my laptop keyboard which is an Omnibook 6100
running Mandriva 2008One. Sorry that this isn't a Ubuntu distro but this
was the only place I found that had issues with the Keyboard and
repeating Keys. Anyway, all was working fine out of the box and I had
been trying to configure kpilot without success and all of a sudden,
when I went to do a menu function, it would scroll on it's own to the
right on it's own like the right arrow key was pressed. The problem
would also be a problem with my spreadsheets, scrolling all the way to
the end, and also be a problem in Konsole, where a "^[[C" would show and
would affect my entering a password for "Root". I've tried the PSmouse
rate=40, adjusting the key repeat, key slowness, Key bounce. Nothing
worked. I kinda have a handle on it now by just pressing on the left
arrow key and holding it down but I can't keep doing that all the time.
It also causes my video to crash when watching a DVD. Again, sorry if
this post shouldn't be here but I'm out of options.

Keyboard random repeat and dropped key presses
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