[Bug 110636] Re: hdparm - cannot set dma on IDE hard drive that works via pata

jap1968 jap1968 at yahoo.es
Mon Feb 25 22:09:55 UTC 2008

I am doing tests on several machines with Ubuntu 8.04 and I am
experiencing a similar problem. I have opened a new bug (#195221), since
I think both bugs are related, but I do not think that the problem is
the same of this one.

I am working with a SSD, identical to a high speed (300x) compactflash
card. The device supports up to UDMA66, but I only achieve UDMA33, so I
am limited to work at 50% of the device speed.

Recent versions of kernels support new parameters in the libata module.
So far, I have tested with "libata.dma=4"
(supported by the libata module that I am using), but with no success.
In fact, I already have dma support, but not the desired mode (udma66).

Currently, my only hope is just to wait until the new set of libata
parameters is available in the next kernel releases, just to set the
needed values "libata.force=80c,udma4". This new parameter is already
documented in kernel-parameters, but still not available in the latest
Ubuntu kernel.

Anyone here has been able to use CF cards or SSD drives at UDMA66 or
higher modes?

hdparm - cannot set dma on IDE hard drive that works via pata
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