[Bug 6627] Re: lexmark z53 blank pages

bobnovak rfrannovak at ml1.net
Sun Feb 24 18:00:18 UTC 2008

Got the Lexmark Z53 to work in Dapper (6.06 LTS).  Here's how I did it.
Following advice posted by the good folks on launchpad, I

Logged on to ftp://ftp.akl.lt/Linux/Baltix/Baltix-

then downloaded and installed these packages (in this order)


(I got some kinda message saying that older software was available in a
software channel, but just clicked "OK" on that and it went away)

After this, I installed the Z53 by clicking System, Administration, then
Printing, then doubleclicking on New Printer and choosing Lexmark, then
Z53.  Lo and behold, it printed a test page (rather than shooting out a

Just to doublecheck, I printed these notes from Text Editor (on the back
of the test page, to save paper and natural resources).  Worked great!

Evidently, there's some kinda known problem with out-of-date Gutenprint
drivers in Dapper that the packages above update.  Hey, it worked for
me, and if it works, it's good!

lexmark z53 blank pages
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