[Bug 159241] Re: [Tracking Bug] PCI resource allocation warnings

Michel Brabants michel.brabants at euphonynet.be
Mon Feb 18 19:39:12 UTC 2008

Hello all.

Well, I misinterpreted this bug seemingly. For me too, this bug isn't
fixed! This is a big problem with linux. It prevents me from using
hardware that should be functional (rt61pci-module). I could use it in
the past, but from a certain point I started getting this message and
now my hardware (wireless card) has been idle while the driver might
work at this moment. I performed some bios-updates, but maybe it was the
new pci-framework?

Anyway, I consider this a big problem in linux and people seem to be
giving it no attention. This bug doesn't always causes problems, but it
creates problems for some. This bug prevents people from using hardware,
which is why I consider it a serious bug. People can talk about bad
bioses, ..., buthow sure are you that that is why it doesn't work. I
only know that once an old version of the module worked and now it
doesn't work anymore, and nobody pays attention, except for trying to
get this bug from the boot-screen by lowering it priority seemingly!



[Tracking Bug] PCI resource allocation warnings
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