[Bug 158803] Re: NetworkManager causes kernel NULL dereference

Tommstein tommstein at myway.com
Sun Feb 17 09:04:25 UTC 2008

I can confirm this bug with whatever the latest ndiswrapper is. I'm
attaching my dmesg output, although it's almost identical to Ted's
(minus a big prefix on each line). I don't know if this helps the cause,
but when this error happens, sudo just hangs too. I think some other
(network-related) programs hang too, but I don't have a list off the top
of my head. Suspend and hibernate also stop working when this happens.
This is starting to happen every day, which is ticking me off since
Ubuntu/Kubuntu takes an eternity to reboot. This wasn't happening until
the other day, so it seems likely that one of the kernel updates I let
APT apply has something to do with it.

** Attachment added: "dmesg output"

NetworkManager causes kernel NULL dereference
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