[Bug 45225] Re: update-initramfs should update all initrds

KeithIrwin KeithIrwin at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 14 04:26:23 UTC 2008

I was bitten by this recently.  Conflicts between EVMS and the newest
kernel version were causing my system to fail to boot.  Removing EVMS
did not initially fix the problem because it only updated the -generic
initramfs rather than the -386 one which is the one I was currently
booting.  Whether or not previous versions should have their initramfs
updated, it is abundantly clear that this should happen with all current
versions and not just one.

In this case, doing otherwise resulted in a system which would not boot
the default kernel until the initramfs was rebuilt by hand.  That is
fundamentally broken, and honestly, the severity of this bug is set too
low given the potential consequences of running a kernel with whose
initramfs either does not contain needed drivers or which contains
drivers whose corresponding components have been removed.

update-initramfs should update all initrds
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