[Bug 12637] Re: LCD Brightness on Laptop Always Set Very Low at Boot

Richard Green rtg at aapsc.com
Wed Feb 13 21:49:31 UTC 2008

Well, I saw the problem with Ubuntu, Kubuntu, and Ubuntustudio x86_64 at 
the 7.10 release, so I don't think it's a desktop issue.  Also, last night 
I managed to boot clumsily without X and gdm, and I also saw the problem 
when there was no X launching, so that kinda confirms it for me that its 
not X.  It might not be the kernel VGA driver, but what else starts up at 
boot, does not depend on X, and could be modifying the display backlight 
   I'm tied up on an intractible DSL problem for a client right now, so I 
can't even think about downloading an Ubuntu hardy alpha CD until later 
   And besides, the Kubuntu hardy alpha CD did NOT show the problem, so 
whatever they did to make a 'generic' kernel that works on x86 as well as 
x86_64 either fixed or masked the problem.

LCD Brightness on Laptop Always Set Very Low at Boot
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