[Bug 183883] Re: hardy toshiba_acpi: Unknown parameter `hotkeys_over_acpi'

Stéphane Démurget stephane.demurget at free.fr
Sun Feb 10 08:33:27 UTC 2008

I'm not sure it is fully a duplicate of #181374, which does not provide any information beside tosshet does not work.
If I understand correctly, acpi-support is based on toshset that does toshiba_acpi calls.

I understand it might fix the brightness issue, but my problem is all my
hotkeys for volume, suspend, locking, LCD out, internet browser ... etc
brightness including are *not* working with my daily hardy system.

Maybe it is an upgrade issue then, if it works on a hardy live cd an not
after upgrading from gutsy. But I expect a lot of users to upgrade their

I've tried to purge acpi-support, toshset, and linux-image-
generic-2.6.24-7.12 but it still does not work. I can not understand the
difference with a working live CD.

hardy toshiba_acpi: Unknown parameter `hotkeys_over_acpi'
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