[Bug 129910] Re: Blank ttys when using vesafb (vga=xxx)

Loye Young loye.young at iycc.net
Wed Feb 6 15:48:24 UTC 2008

Buzz --

>* GUI is 1440x768 using nvidia-glx, and virtual terminals at 1024x768 when
I specify vga=0x318 as a boot option.
>* GUI is 1024x768 using nv, and virtual terminals are 1440x900 (I think),
when I don't specify vga=xxx as a boot option.
I've found a similar reaction with the radeonfb driver.

1. Have you tried running dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg from a terminal when
vga=xxx is not specified?
2. I haven't had good luck when running a vesafb AND the card-specific fb
driver. Have you tried using only the nvidiafb without vesafb and vice

Loye Young
Isaac & Young Computer Company
Laredo, Texas

Blank ttys when using vesafb (vga=xxx)
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