[Bug 264789] Re: USB Hard Drive Not Accessible, vol_id hangs

Tim Wright timw at splhi.com
Mon Dec 29 17:45:15 UTC 2008

http://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=12099 is an example of
needing to added the UNUSUAL_DEV entry to fix up the the returned
capacity. However, the kernel is also still broken. Attempting to do I/O
to an illegal offset should never result in an infinite loop of retries.

This in essence is the point. There are 2 bugs here. The infinite retry
trying to read a non-existent sector is one. The other is to add all of
the UNUSUAL_DEV entries for broken devices. Sadly, I think there are so
many, the table size is going to dwarf the size of the driver code
itself :-(

USB Hard Drive Not Accessible, vol_id hangs
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