[Bug 272247] Re: System freezes during boot, unless I hold a key down

SRElysian srelysian at gmail.com
Mon Dec 29 17:05:54 UTC 2008

Sorry you feel that way gizmoguy, but I am sorry to say the threats of one
person aren't going to change anything. I've been using intrepid since beta,
and have been dealing with the problem since then. I've been using a boot
variable to get around it and the problem itself doesn't really bother me so
long as I CAN boot. I also feel that the ability to run KDE 4.2b2 (which I
believe runs far better than 4.0-4.1), far out-weighs a small triagable
problem. Also, the reason linux is far more stable than windows as a whole,
is because they test things before just releasing them, even if a kernel fix
has been found they aren't just going to hand it out to the masses without
it being released in testing first. Because fixing 1 little problem someone,
and causing it to break for many others is unacceptable. I'd suggest you
have a little more patience and appreciation for people whom work hard
without getting paid to bring such an excellent operating system. And as
someone else stated, if you don't like it, try another distro, this board is
for bug reports, save the rants for forum trolling please.

System freezes during boot, unless I hold a key down
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