[Bug 210725] Re: Please include RaLink RT2860 driver

Brian harkness maestro_bwh at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 28 15:42:06 UTC 2008

Oddly, I could not get a stable connection.  It would work well for a
while, then just stall.  It still stayed connected, but I could get no
traffic.  If I brought the interface down then up again, it would start
working.  I went with ndiswrapper with the windows driver and it works
much better.  Sorry to have to say that.   It might have something to do
with my other hardware... Asus EEE-BOX 202 running Ubuntu, latest
kernel.  I might think that it has something to do with the source

Anyone else see this issue with a different setup?  I had considered
installing wicd, but the last time I installed it, it was broken it was
difficult to completely remove it and I could not add or remove any
other packages until I resolved the break.  I am not sure if wicd is all
that much better than NM... it used to be when running an atheros card
on my laptop.

Please include RaLink RT2860 driver
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