[Bug 182473] Re: rtl8187 drops connection

HW71 erik.fornoff at gmail.com
Tue Dec 23 06:43:30 UTC 2008

Several problems exist even using the new kernel 2.6.27 of Ubuntu 8.10
together with a new Toshiba Satellite L300-1CM Notebook and built-in
RTL8187B USB module:

1) performance of the Wifi-module 
This seems to be extremely worse in comparison to three different notebooks using Ubuntu 8.04 and OpenSUSE 10.3 together with WPA2 encryption. For the new Toshiba Satellite notebook I even had to relocate the WLAN router (now only 6 meter distance!) in order to get a connection at all - and now all other 3 notebooks have full signal strength at the WLAN-router while the new Toshiba Satellite notebook has the weakest incoming signal at the WLAN router.

Though I know that this issue could be a mechanical / construction
problem caused by the location of the WLAN module inside the Laptop I
also saw similar issues reported by other users having different
machines but the same WLAN module, so I guess that this could also be

2) drop of connection
Sometimes the connection gets lost without any hint what happend. If this problem occurs wicd still shows that the WLAN connection is up, but it's neither possible to ping the router nor to open any page in the browser. The only possibility for me to get things up and running ist to disconnect using wicd and to reconnect to my WLAN

3) "hang" of wicd
Just as a side-note: as mentioned above I use wicd as network-manager replacement. While disconnecting and reconnecting to my WLAN wicd seems to freeze / hang or call it whatever you want. In fact wicd manages it to finally perform all tasks, but it looks weird since even Gnome sometimes wants to tell me, that wicd is not responding and asks, if I would like to terminate wicd. If I cancel this question and wait some more seconds wicd finishes the action and everything is fine again.

If requested I can provide additional stuff later on when I'm back at
home (logfiles or anything else that might be helpful).

rtl8187 drops connection
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