[Bug 306016] Re: nfs client broken since 2.6.28-2-generic upgrade

Noel J. Bergman noel at devtech.com
Sat Dec 20 15:07:46 UTC 2008


Bug 308537 is solely about an install problem where both Thomas and I
encountered errors when simply installing nfs-common on Jaunty.   I
agree with you that I don't see any reason why NTFS would have any
effect on NFS, and my volumes are either ext3 or xfs.

Thomas, what mount command(s) are you using?  I have tried:

  mount -t nfs host:/path /mount-point
  mount -t nfs -o nolock host:/path /mount-point
  mount -t nfs4 host:/path /mount-point

Only the middle one works.

nfs client broken since 2.6.28-2-generic upgrade
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