[Bug 190515] Re: [Hardy][Intrepid] Low bandwidth with rt2400 / rt2500 drivers

Jim Louvau jlouvau at neb.rr.com
Sat Dec 20 14:47:24 UTC 2008

This is turning into a genuine fiasco. I'm very aware that most work on
Linux is on a volontary basis but upstream's arrogance and attitude,
quite frankly, sucks. Look, if the driver is a rt2xxx "generic", "catch
all", then the damn thing should work with rt2400 and rt2500 chipsets.
If he doesn't want to back port (wait, isn't your crap supposed to work
with 45 & 25? What's "back" about it?) then the driver name should be
changed to rt 26* or rt28* or whatever since it IS NOT GENERIC TO ALL
RT2xxx chipsets! Furthermore, as was stated above, sine it doesn't work
and isn't generic to the family any more, then the legacy drivers should
be reinstated.

So, exactly where is the issue and why have we gone 3 versions without
support for a very common and popular wireless chipset? Three versions
and hundreds of broken laptops later we're still discussing this? The
driver is NOT generic to the whole chipset series. The driver IS broken.
The author refuses to make his generic driver generic any more. Rename
the damn thing, reinstate the legacy drivers and move on.

Sorry, but all this pussy footing around and breakage for hundreds of
users over one asshole's arrogance and everybody's refusal to call him
the elitist prick that he is or just ignore him is beyond frustrating.

[Hardy][Intrepid] Low bandwidth with rt2400 / rt2500 drivers
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