[Bug 280088] Re: [Intrepid] kacpid and kacpi_notify consumes all CPU after resume

Andy Whitcroft apw at canonical.com
Tue Dec 16 15:48:08 UTC 2008

@Gabriel Thornblad -- could you point me to the exact patches you are
adding on top of -10 please.  I would like to confirm I am using the
right ones, or their mainline equivalents (see below).

I have tried to figure out which of these patches made the mainline
release and back ported those to the soon to release -11 based kernel;
one of the patches listed has already hit our tree via the .Y stable
tree the remaining ones are:

    dock: fix eject request process (2.6.27-rc1 regression)
    dock: add _LCK support
    dock: add bay and battery hotplug support
    ACPI: introduce notifier change to avoid duplicates

Anyhow I have built some test kernels based on the -11 kernel in our
tree plus these patches and would be interested if someone could test
them and report back.  They can be found at the following URL:


[Intrepid] kacpid and kacpi_notify consumes all CPU after resume
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