[Bug 191871] Re: Live CD won't install on Acer Aspire 3050-1922

Ivan S. Zapreev ivan.zapreev at gmail.com
Thu Dec 11 14:56:45 UTC 2008

Just a small summary of my experience with the ACPI problems and Acer.

This seems to be a  DSDT and Linux-kernel bug. I have recently tried
Ubuntu 8.04, Open SUSE 10.2, Fedora 10 and some other less known
distribution on my Acer Aspire 3050. They all have the same problem, NO
booting with ACPI. In case ACPI is off the system boots but there is no
wireless or wired Internet and no power down. I am not even mentioning
suspend and hibernate.

Now, from all I've read this seems to be caused by incorrect DSDT tables
supplied by the vendor (Acer). I've also found a project that presumably
supplies fixed DSDT tables for some systems:

Another thing, it seems that all the current Main stream Linux
distributions  use the same flawed kernel. I.e. a kernel that somehow
can not overcome problems in the DSDT table or may be the DSDT table
supplied with the kernel is wrong or smth. I myself have no clue. Still,
people claim that they could run Ubuntu 7.10 on Acer with no problems so
it seems to be a regression bug.

I hope someone takes care of this bug, because I thinks it's been around
a year since things went wrong .... it is about time some one fixes it!

PS: I do not think I've added smth new, but still, it is a small summary
of my experience.

Live CD won't install on Acer Aspire 3050-1922
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