[Bug 205990] Re: [hardy] splash screen disappears after a few seconds

Bernard Decock decockbernard at skynet.be
Tue Dec 2 18:39:36 UTC 2008

I didn't have any problems with the splash screen in Hardy but after adding new partitions and doing a fresh install of Intrepid, the splash screen disappears after the OS-selection made in the grub (I'm running Ubuntu Intrepid on /dev/sda1,
Kubuntu on /dev/sda2, have a swap-space on /dev/sda5 and WinXP on a older disc /dev/sb1).

I checked uuid's mentionned. In both cases the file  /etc/initramfs-
tools/conf.d/resume has the right UUID of the swap-partition (as one can
see in ls -alh /dev/disk/by-uuid or cat /etc/fstab).

After "Starting up, please loading" I get a dark screen and a warning from my monitor (Out of range Vf: 86.7 Hf 46.4K).
I tried to add a vga-option after ro quiet splash, but only the option vga=769 removes the monitor-warning, but the screen
stays dark. If I set vga=794 (as it should be - my monitor has a 1280x1024 resolution), the monitor-warning pops up.

The file /etc/usplash.conf has the right settings (xres = 1280, yres = 1024). After a few seconds (splashscreen has ended?) I get the brown screen and the gnome pops up without any problems. This is very odd as with the live-cd I do get the
splash screen (even at shutting down). Dmesg does not reveal any particular problem regaring the screen-resolution
unless this sentence is an indication of the problem? : "Console: colour VGA+ 80*25". Any ideas how to get the splash screen back? (or to make it visible)

[hardy] splash screen disappears after a few seconds
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