[Bug 210725] Re: Please include RaLink RT2860 driver

Brian harkness maestro_bwh at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 1 01:11:49 UTC 2008

I tried this with Hardy and I got errors about a kernel it was looking for?  It looked like it installed anyway, but I prefer a repo install just in case there are updates.

Hand compiled from the ralink site, It was unstable  and frequently the
internet would just stall and would only work again if I brought ra0
down then up again, and it made the device show up twice with

sudo lshw -C network

I used  Stéphane Graber's repo for the ppa and I seemed to be in better
luck than hand compiling the driver.   I still find that even within 10
feet of my router unobstructed, the net would just stop working that the
leds on the router would just "sit" there for a time.  If I
reinitialized the connection I was back in business.

On a hunch, I manually set the bit rate down to 11M and I have not had
the issue.  The ralink driver at least for Linux does not seem to
support auto bit rate and just puts it at 54M... not good for laptop
users trying to conserve battery power perhaps?

sudo iwconfig ra0 rate 11M

works but

sudo iwconfig ra0 rate 11M auto

shows an error.  It also accepts a rate of  24M, but since my internet
speed never exceeds 5M, I will take the stability of a lower speed.

Please include RaLink RT2860 driver
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